Amateur Video Edition: Oregon in a Nutshell

I am still having a difficult time processing our time in Oregon. There is so much I want to share. So many stories and memories. But it is hard to come up with new words and phrases to describe yet ANOTHER place that we've been to that is so remarkable. This one, however, blew our socks off. So far off that they're still stuck in the trees dangling somewhere (and no, not because it's windy there). Maybe that means part of my heart is still there. I think it might always be.

For now, I will leave you with a video summary of our time in Oregon. Just little snippets, nothing too exciting. Later on in the coming months I'll whip out my dictionary and thesaurus to help me with all those fancy descriptive words I'll need in order to explain Oregon more in-depth. To us though, it was a dang near perfect 30 days spent in that state.

Is there anyone else out there that feels me?? Anyone been to a place that completely surprised you and took your breath away? A place where all those words "breathtaking," "beautiful," and "unforgettable" just don't do it justice?! Think about YOUR place and comment below if you're feeling it. I'm curious where else people are in love with (and also need more places to add to my bucket list). 

But first, enjoy the little video (it's not long, I promise)...