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5 Southern New Mexico Places You Must Visit

New Mexico is the 16th state we've been fortunate to further explore this year and it's easily one of our favorites! We've had the opportunity to experience the northern parts of the state in the recent past but had big bucket list dreams in the southern region that we were looking forward to. If you haven't been to some of these, hopefully this post will entice you to scoot them up higher on your must-see list (and maybe you'll add a new one to it also). Buckle up as we road trip through 6 of the best parts of southern New Mexico.

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A Photo Journey Through White Sands Nat'l Monument

We were standing atop the crest of a giant mound of sand and for as far as my eyes would reach were white, wavy rolling hills sprawled out in front of us. With a view as magnificent as this, I fantasized that we had accomplished something grand. It gave me the sense of domination. My hair whipping in the wind, my ankles tickled by the granules that were blowing across them, and us perfectly placed in the middle of it all with 360 degree views of amazing! No trails to hike, nothing to see or do, no hidden attractions. Just here to witness the sand, and only the sand. We were beyond thrilled to finally be experiencing the glory of White Sands National Monument!

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