Our Final Section of Oregon: Can It Get Any More Beautiful?!


Our part three of Oregon will have to be in form of pictures. But pretty ones, so hopefully that makes up for lack of story. As we meandered along the southern and remaining section of Oregon we managed to hit even more stunning spots. We can't get over this state (and the luck we are having with weather). September and October turned out to be exceptional months to visit. Our highlights in this section include an insane mountain climb to one of our most favorite campsites of our whole year (HIGH above Detroit, Oregon), a 400+ van gathering in Bend Oregon called Descend on Bend, amazing sunsets and camping along Floras Lake, and our last day in Oregon at Harris Beach State Park. This state blew us away!

Free Camping High Above Detroit Lake, Oregon

Don’t ask us how we got here, high above Detroit. I’m not sure we would ever attempt it again - but once we got here it was SO WORTH IT!!!

Watching the sky turn dark

 Descend On Bend

Van next to van next to van next to van…….you get my point. This is Descend on Bend.

Descend on Bend 400+ van gathering outside Bend, Oregon

Our home (RIGHT next to our neighbor’s home) at Descend on Bend. They pack ‘em in tight here…

Hazy and windy at times, then sunny and hot. And during one of the bands, it snowed. That night it got down to 18 degrees. Brrr. Thankfully Spud’s heater kept us warm

Our favorite neighbor’s at Descend on Bend - This is Jack from Washington and the boys just adored playing with him.

Jessie M Honeyman Memorial State Park

We loved this campsite, and park, and sand dunes that were just beyond those trees

The boys painted ‘love’ rocks and we left them for the next campers to enjoy

Sliding with trucks...

The sand dunes behind our campsite.

 Sunset Bay / Cape Arago / Shore Acres Botanical Garden

 Floras Lake Camping / Langlois / Cape Blanco


Cape Blanco, Oregon

Harris Beach State Park