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From Snow to Sun: Jasper, Icefields, and Banff

Nothing could have prepared for what lie ahead as we were cruising along highway BC 16 from Prince George towards Mt Robson, Jasper, and Icefields Parkway. In the moment, however, our minds were elsewhere. Our goal was to beat the rain that was projected to cover the whole area for several days. I was attempting to remain positive but my mind continued to weigh me down with negative thoughts. Was I going to see everything I wanted through the rain and cloud? Would we be stuck in the van all day miserable? My heart was conflicted and I wondered if we should skip the whole area and come back another year for fear of major disappointment. But, let me tell you, what was in store for us was so much better than I anticipated, even if we did have to suffer through a little rain (and other seasons!) along the way.

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