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Belize Part 2: I'm Walking On Sunshine

I love the tingle of anticipation that builds just before departing for a new locale.  I can never wait to see what it looks like, what it smells like, how it makes me feel, and what memories will be created there.  Today was that point in our trip to Belize.  The long day when we relocate from one section of the country to another.  If you recall, we had just left San Ignacio (aka the Jungle portion of Belize).  And the day started out a bit like the roads around here though. Bumpy. 

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Belize Part 1: Welcome to the Jungle

Why Belize, you might ask? The beaches, right?  I know. I saw those pictures too, before we booked our trip.  The ones that depict silky white sand gently rolling about, pushed by the turquoise ocean that calmly ebbs and flows.  The bright sun shining down on a handsome couple that romantically sips cocktails with a backdrop of a few dozen swaying palm trees.  Yep, I totally wanted that.  I'll admit.  But I knew Belize had a wild card.  Something up its sleeve to offer us, a couple that likes to adventure and explore, but also laze on the beach and sip tropical drinks.

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