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Getting Our Fill In Idaho

We made it! Well, almost. We are just days away from busting back into Durango, Colorado with sandal tans on our feet, smiles as wide as a crocodile, dirt under our fingernails, and countless stories and sights in the memory bank. Don’t get me wrong, while there were plenty of moments that tested our patience along the way, I think our family would agree that our ten weeks together and on the road was a huge success, especially since we all came back intact and in one piece (except for Chip's toe). With that, I've decided to mix it up on the blog and work my way counter clockwise. Our final region on our loop around the US and Canada happened to be one we had never been to but were thrilled to explore. Idaho!

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The Loneliest Road - Durango, CO to Nevada City, CA

After much preparation (and anticipation), we made it back on the road! We are feeling as good as ever and have settled in to our new van, Loaf, nicely. We quickly slipped back into the selves we remembered so well from being on the road for a year, and it feels familiar and like home. We are looking forward to this new chapter together and to get back to the core of what we miss most - quality family time, limited distractions, meeting old and new friends, simplified living, and of course, exploring corners of the world with eyes wide open. With a week under our belt, we have already blazed a solid trail starting at our home in Durango, Colorado then onto 600+ miles of the loneliest road in America through Utah, Nevada, and California. While this road was in fact fairly quiet (still in the off season), we ended up finding plenty of fun things to keep us busy! We think Loaf is having an equally good time during his first overseas trip. Just keep reading to see all the beautiful places he has taken us already!

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I'm sitting in the passenger seat of our '86 Westy staring out the window at the endless wheat fields, towering windmills, and straight, flat roads of Kansas. It is dead silent in Spud (well, as silent as he gets at 65 mph), which is rare with jabbering twin boys. But it's naptime. Hallelujah! I unbuckle my seatbelt and like a flight attendant head to the back and sneak out two M&M ice cream bars from our mini freezer. I deliver one to Chip, then we cackle while waving them in the air at the boys' sleeping faces and scarf them down in celebration of quiet time. If only they knew what we did when they were asleep. I digress...

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