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YeeHaw, Howdy, & Y'all: A Ramble Through Texas

Texas, you win! Nowhere else beats springtime like YOU. I'll admit that spring is my least favorite season (I know, I can picture you dropping your jaw to the floor in dismay). It's just that...the wind. The gloom. The cold breezes. The mud. I don't love those things. Anyone feel me out there?! I'm a fair weather kind of girl, what can I say? I was surprised however to have met the lovely springtime state of Texas. Here, we welcomed the change with warm and sometimes hot days, especially after escaping the breezy and below-freezing nights that were still lingering in New Mexico. Plus, after coming off our time in Big Bend National Park (where we spent a lot of time half naked), we were eager to continue exploring this delightful state. Unfortunately it's so huge that I feel like we barely scratched the surface.

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Big Bend Nat'l Park: Birthdays, Canyons, & River Crossings To A Foreign Land

I'll be honest with you. Big Bend National Park in Texas was never on our radar. In fact, I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't even recall that it was a national park or know what the place had to offer in terms of things to do for families. It feels crazy saying that now after having been there and loving the diverse experiences this park allowed us to discover. Perhaps we never went because of its remote location, or maybe because it was a lesser known national park. All I know is I have a long-lost hometown friend to thank for urging us to go (you know who you are, girl!). We are so glad you shared your stories, photos, and tips with us because Big Bend has so much to offer people of all ages. Hopefully this post will give you a little glimpse into the fun things to do in this huge national park. Here, we'll explore a free natural hot springs on the US/Mexico border, walk across the Rio for an epic day in Mexico, and take in the wonders of the Santa Elena Canyon. Also, the boys turn FOUR!

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