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YeeHaw, Howdy, & Y'all: A Ramble Through Texas

Texas, you win! Nowhere else beats springtime like YOU. I'll admit that spring is my least favorite season (I know, I can picture you dropping your jaw to the floor in dismay). It's just that...the wind. The gloom. The cold breezes. The mud. I don't love those things. Anyone feel me out there?! I'm a fair weather kind of girl, what can I say? I was surprised however to have met the lovely springtime state of Texas. Here, we welcomed the change with warm and sometimes hot days, especially after escaping the breezy and below-freezing nights that were still lingering in New Mexico. Plus, after coming off our time in Big Bend National Park (where we spent a lot of time half naked), we were eager to continue exploring this delightful state. Unfortunately it's so huge that I feel like we barely scratched the surface.

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